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The idea of renting a property through Airbnb and using that as a wedding venue seems wild enough. I should share this with her so she’ll get her ideas on where to have her wedding. You may think of City Hall as the place for a quick, practical wedding by a judge. It’s worth a look into when considering different reception venues. The setting will make your wedding one the guests will never forget. Choose a museum that resonates with you for the most memorable and unique wedding. Remember that alternative wedding venue idea of being underwater?

  • If you can’t decide whether a lavish ballroom reception, a countryside ceremony, or a ’20’s glam after party feel is right for you, this venue could house them all—and more.
  • “Public spaces typically have less expensive site fees,” says Nichols.
  • And what’s even better is that it’s an exclusive use venue, meaning you get the whole of the castle and its grounds to yourself and your nearest and dearest.
  • They have a drawing room and a library available for ceremony hire, this will be £275, or £165 if you also hold the reception at the hotel.

Several of our Hampshire wedding bands have performed here. Take stunning wedding photos against a backdrop of sunflowers on the PYO Farm! Without a doubt, this Sopley-based wedding venue has everything you need for the ideal non-traditional wedding. Founded in 2015 in London, Tagvenue is one of the world’s fastest-growing online marketplaces for venue hire. Whether you’re a business or a private person, you can book an event space in a matter of clicks.

Christy and Brian’s wedding, pictured here, is case in point. Chances are there are several historic sites near you available as wedding reception venues. The Medieval Townhouse of Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is the heart of this unique venue.

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You and your partner should first sit down and figure out roughly what number of people you want to invite. From there, start planning a guest list based on that number. When planning any wedding, we advise figuring out your budget first. Your budget will define many of your wedding planning choices, so it’s good to know how much you can spend on each item. Use wedding budgeting tips to create a budget that works for your finances. Use these tips to keep your wedding small, and to make your small wedding a dream come true! Your small wedding ideas can all come true with proper planning.

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Nestled among the plants is the new, purpose-built pavilion where you’ll feel at home among nature, or there’s a charming gazebo to marry under. You’ll have exclusive access to the gardens for all your Instagram needs. The mist and steam that flicker throughout the romantic setting really do make this such an enchanting place to get married.

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I reckon it will make for some pretty awesome wedding photos too. With a wide variety of food, drink and entertainment options as well as being a totally stunning space, it is a brilliantly rock-and-roll option for your alternative wedding in Manchester.

For even more ideas, take a peek at these statement-making wedding dresses. Wherever you go, music and lighting will help you create a lovely atmosphere.

Alicia and Matt’s wedding kicked off with lawn games at their Michigan home, followed by a ceremony by the property’s fern-covered forest, and a reception under a black tent on the lawn. The hand-hewn beams and barn board walls come from a 200-year-old barn in Vermont that was lovingly disassembled, transported, and constructed into this waterfront home.

On top of an outdoor bar, you can also make guests feel right at home with a cheerful table dedicated to coffee or tea. These gorgeous outdoor ideas are a breath of fresh air. Best for Dickensian design and Bloomsbury’s bookish legacy – and it’s one of the only museums in London offering exclusive hire. A Party Wedding at Clockworks, Liverpool Ohhhhh I bloody love a party wedding!

Keep in mind that a smaller crowd of people attending calls for creativity with seating arrangements and table layouts. You may want to opt for a large round table, so guests are in close quarters.

Before I photographed my first intimate wedding I was a little anxious that it might feel awkward. Like they might look at me as an intruder in an intimate family celebration. That it might be too quiet and I wouldn’t be able to take the candid photos I normally can by watching from afar – surely it’s difficult to blend in when there are only 10 people in a room. You can handpick your favourite people and actually spend time with them. Less wedding planning than a big wedding, your love celebration won’t become a chore. Not having to cater for a hundred people means you can lavish luxury on yourselves and your nearest and dearest. And logistically, you have so much more flexibility with a smaller group of people.

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This video is going to be about making a beautiful wedding backdrop! I had one large one and then I went down a size and I got two of those.

  • Try your hand at calligraphy to give the tags an extra luxurious feel.
  • I mainly just searched basics on Pinterest and made my own designs based on what I learned.
  • If you are planning a wedding and you want your wedding or reception – or both – to have that rustic charm, I’ve found 35 beautiful decorations for you to DIY.

Bouquet arrangements should come from the heart and speak to who you are as an individual, so, in that sense they should be easy to create on your own. Opt for foraged flowers, local greenery, picks straight from the garden, or fill in with loose stems from a local florist or farmers market to make your personalized mix. For the finishing touch, wrap the base in ribbon or leave long trails of fabric to add a little flow. You can also get sentimental with a shirt cuff or strip of fabric from your grandmother’s wedding dress. Secure with pins, an heirloom brooch, or a meaningful memento.

By the way, add water for a floating look if you are interested. These cheap wedding decorating ideas can help you plan a beautiful wedding and still have money left over for the honeymoon. Lucy Bernier approached me and asked if I would like to organise another shoot with her, after a previous collaboration. After chatting through many ideas, Lucy informed me that her friends Barry and Nicola owned Abbey Farm in Titchfield and it had a huge field. Having transformed the field for their own DIY farm wedding reception, Barry and Nicola were now keen to hire it out to other potential couples looking for a blank canvas for their wedding. You can never have too much confetti but make sure you buy biodegradable ones rather than the plastic ones which are bad for the environment. If you feel like you have the time, why not dry your own blossoms and flowers and use the petals as an environmentally friendly option for your wedding confetti?

Whether curved, square, or in a modern pyramid-shape the simple structure is easy to put together with reclaimed wood. This couple’s chuppahwas built with bamboo and topped with fabric, while vibrant astilbe and yarrow flowers were draped from the beams for the finishing touch. Dream up a beverage display that is oh-so summertime fine by pre-mixing some of your favorite drinks and serving them en-mass in glass dispensers. These in particular were filled with tequila-rich Palomas but you can go for more wholesome options like lemonade or iced tea. Let the glassware dictate the vibe with mason jars creating a rustic aesthetic or champagne flutes for a more refined touch.

At the entrance of a wedding, display several lanterns of different sizes. These not only look charming and rustic, but they’re functional, too. Origami-inspired cones are the perfect holders for small snacks or candy. Let guests know they’re in the right place with a homemade sign and a country display that’s so cute it’s crazy. Old-fashioned whiskey jugs make for the cutest country decorations, especially when they have the seating charts painted on them. Instead of a sign welcoming guests to your wedding, why not do something different? Use a paint pen or paint your welcome message on an ornate, gorgeous antique framed mirror like this.

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Most couples don’t think twice about finding a local wedding venue, inviting all their nearest and dearest, and then jetting off to a sunny honeymoon. However, an increasing number of couples are now choosing to tie the knot outside of the UK. Here we describe DIY embossed favours, but you can use the same tools and ideas to emboss your wedding invitations, menus, programmes or save the dates. Choose an interesting container for your candle, ideas include miniature clay pots or teacups, and cut the wicks to fit the depth of the container.

Succulent Wedding Centerpiece

Take agate crystal bookends and transform them into a special table number for your sweetheart table. It’s not usually cost effective for all reception tables, so just using them for you and your partner’s table gives a unique and made-for-you look! We recommend permanent vinyl and StrongGrip transfer tape because of the slick polished surface. Do you have a keen knitter in the family or someone who’s great with a crochet hook? How about someone who knows their way around a sewing machine?

Turn Your Mason Jars Into Juice Containers!

Then collect fallen bark from a local park, forest, or backyard. Wrap the bark around the containers, plant some herbs or local flowers inside, and voila! While these instructions call for cutting the plants and inserting them into floral foam, you can plant them in soil for a lasting gift. When it comes to pretty paper garlands, repurpose is the name of the game. Turn newspaper or used books into works of art that’ll last for years. Borrow or buy small glass jars, fill them with coffee beans , place a tea light on top, and attach twine to the lid. While silk, sequins and hessian are all strong contenders for table runners, why not embrace 2017’s obsession with greenery and fashion one from foliage instead?

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Give your ring bearer something he can be proud to march down the aisle with in this elegant ring box from The Knotty Bride. Introduce some rustic style into your place settings with these DIY burlap napkin rings. Fab You Bliss gives not one, but three different styles that complement each other very well, but can also stand alone. Make your own photo backdrop following this tutorial from The Glitter Guide. No one will notice if the construction is imperfect as long as the pictures turn out fantastic.